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Dentistry on TV! (Kids' TV and Animation)


  1. Bob and Margaret
    Bob's a dentist and Margaret's a podiatrist in this animated series based on a Canadian short (Bob's Birthday).

  2. Bob and Margaret

  3. Glenn Martin, DDS
    Dr. Martin takes his family and his practice on the road.

  4. Glenn Martin, DDS

  5. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (Animated special)
    Herbie the misfit elf becomes the first dentist at the North Pole.

  6. Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer

  7. Stanley
    While Stanley and his fish are all about animals, Stanley's mom is a dentist.



  1. American Dad
    Stan's stress over Steve's geekiness causes him to grind his teeth.

  2. American Dad

  3. American Dad
    Stan reveals to Francine that he plans to marry his dentist if Francine should die before him.

  4. American Dad

  5. American Dad
    Roger poses as an orthodontist in order to get married so he can get a new blender.

  6. American Dad

  7. Angry Beavers
    A little impromptu dentistry to trim overgrown beaver teeth.

  8. Angry Beavers

  9. Arthur
    Arthur worries when he's the last in his class to lose a baby tooth.

  10. Arthur

  11. Arthur
    D.W. tries to trick the Tooth Fairy.

  12. Arthur

  13. Atomic Betty
    Betty gets called away on a mission before she has a chance to get her cavity filled.

  14. Atomic Betty

  15. Baby Looney Tunes
    When Baby Bugs scores a quarter from the Tooth Fairy Baby Daffy schemes to get loot even though ducks have no teeth.

  16. Baby Looney Tunes

  17. Barney
    Barney teaches his friends about teeth and going to the dentist.

  18. Barney

  19. Berenstain Bears
    Sister has a loose tooth and is afraid to go to the dentist until she watches Brother get a cavity filled.

  20. Berenstain Bears

  21. Bob's Burgers
    While under anesthesia, Bob makes out with Linda's sister then tries to fix her up with Dr. Yap.

  22. Bob's Burgers

  23. Bob's Burgers
    When Louise is faced with having a cavity filled, she runs away to her aunt's house to hide out.

  24. Bob's Burgers

  25. Braceface
    Sharon Spitz gets braces and they impact her life in many ways.

  26. Braceface

  27. Caillou
    Little Caillou is afraid to visit the dentist but soon realizes how fun it can be.

  28. Caillou

  29. CatDog
    Cat's checkup is bad because of Dog's bad eating habits.

  30. CatDog

  31. Codename: Kids Next Door
    The kids take on an oral hygiene-obsessed villain called "Nightbrace".

  32. Kids Next Door

  33. Corduroy
    Lisa has a toothache but is afraid to go to the dentist.

  34. Corduroy

  35. Dexter's Laboratory
    In a Justice Friends episode, Crunk gets a toothache and the friends are reluctant to bring him to a dentist.

  36. Justice Friends

  37. The Dooley and Pals Show
    Dooley learns all about the dentist.

  38. Dooley and Pals

  39. Doug
    Doug has a toothache but desperately fears going to the dentist.

  40. Doug

  41. Fairly Oddparents
    Timmy's run-in with a demented dentist and his son causes him to wish everyone looked the same.

  42. Fairly Oddparents

  43. Fairly Oddparents
    Timmy enlists the aid of the Tooth Fairy when pop star Chip Skylark's teeth are stolen.

  44. Fairly Oddparents

  45. Family Guy
    After the Y2K disaster a mule becomes the new civilization's dentist.

  46. Family Guy

  47. Family Guy
    Peter has an epiphany about KISS while at the dentist.

  48. Family Guy

  49. Family Guy
    Stewie has a battle of wits with the Tooth Fairy.

  50. Family Guy

  51. The Flintstones
    To save a few bucks Fred takes Barney to a dinosaur dentist.

  52. The Flintstones

  53. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    Endless requests for favors (including a little dentistry) interfere with Wilt's desire to watch the big basketball game.

  54. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

  55. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    Foster's is visited by Benjamin E. Factor III, Esquire, DDS, a possible benefactor.

  56. Foster's Home

  57. Franklin
    Franklin learns about the Tooth Fairy but is distressed because turtles have no teeth.

  58. Franklin

  59. Futurama
    After a tussle with Bender, Nibbler needs some dental work.

  60. Futurama

  61. George Shrinks
    On a mission to rescue some "sea simians" George helps out a killer whale with a sore tooth.

  62. George Shrinks

  63. Gerald McBoing Boing
    Gerald visits the dentist.

  64. Gerald McBoing Boing

  65. Glenn Martin, D.D.S.
    Glenn takes his family on the road in a mobile dental RV and when he runs into trouble he has to clean the teeth of every person in a small town.

  66. Glenn Martin, DDS

  67. Glenn Martin, D.D.S.
    Glenn gets a taste of Amish dentistry.

  68. Glenn Martin, DDS

  69. Glenn Martin, D.D.S.
    Glenn takes a temporary job as circus dentist.

  70. Glenn Martin, DDS

  71. Glenn Martin, D.D.S.
    Glenn pulls his 10,000th tooth then realizes he's becoming disenchanted with dentistry.

  72. Glenn Martin DDS

  73. Glenn Martin, D.D.S.
    In San Francisco Glenn becomes a tooth-themed super-hero.

  74. Glenn Martin DDS

  75. Good Luck Charlie
    Teddy tricks an apprehensive PJ into going to the dentist.

  76. Good Luck Charlie

  77. The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy
    Billy loses a tooth and dreams about the Tooth Fairy.

  78. Billy & Mandy

  79. Halloweentown (TV movie)
    A ghoulish dentists pulls a vampire's fang.

  80. Halloweentown

  81. Hannah Montana
    Miley breaks a tooth and insists on going to the dentist alone.

  82. Hannah Montana

  83. Hey, Arnold!
    Under the influence of laughing gas, Helga professes her love for Arnold to his answering machine.

  84. Hey, Arnold!

  85. Higglytown Heroes
    Twinkle loses a tooth and everyone helps her prepare for the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.

  86. Higglytown Heroes

  87. Hopeless Pictures
    Mel has a horrible toothache and needs to see a dentist on top of all his other problems.

  88. Hopeless Pictures

  89. iCarly
    When Spence's idol criticizes his art, he quits sculpting to become a dental assistant.

  90. iCarly

  91. iCarly
    When Sam breaks a tooth she has to contend with going to the dentist.

  92. iCarly

  93. Jane and the Dragon
    The princess and the dragon both have a loose tooth.

  94. Jane and the Dragon

  95. Jay Jay the Jet Plane
    Jay Jay's friend has a loose tooth.

  96. Jay Jay

  97. Johnny Bravo
    After Johnny tells his neighbor there's no tooth fairy, he tries to make amends by pretending to be said fairy.

  98. Johnny Bravo

  99. Just Jordan
    Jordan gets a grill against his mother's wishes and then can't get it off.

  100. Just Jordan

  101. Kenny the Shark
    Kenny takes Kat's place at the dentist.

  102. Kenny the Shark

  103. Kirby - Right Back at Ya!
    Cavities! A royal toothache! A wacky dentist! And a Dental Monster!

  104. KirbyKirby

  105. The Koala Brothers
    The brothers help Archie take his mind off his loose tooth.

  106. The Koala Brothers

  107. Little Bear
    Little Bear loses a tooth.
    Little Bear

  108. The Looney Tunes Show
    Bugs chips a tooth and is unable to get it fixed in time to be in Lola's family photo.

  109. The Looney Tunes Show

  110. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
    The Beast doesn't want his picture taken because he's self-conscious about his missing tooth.

  111. Maggie & the Ferocious Beast

  112. Marvin Marvin
    Marvin eats too much chocolate and gets a toothache.

  113. Marvin Marvin

  114. Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse
    Stripes has a toothache but fears dentists.

  115. Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse

  116. Metalocalypse
    Nathan reluctantly agrees to see a dentist.

  117. Metalocalypse

  118. Mr. Bean
    Mr. Bean gets a toothache from chomping on popcorn.

  119. Mr. Bean

  120. Mucha Lucha
    When the luchadores go for their regular dental check-up, they find their dentist has been replaced by the Evil Dentista of Doom!.

  121. Mucha Lucha

  122. Muppet Babies
    The Babies learn about teeth.

  123. Muppet BabiesMuppet BabiesMuppet Babies

  124. My Dad the Rock Star
    Rock Zilla has a toothache and must overcome his fear of the dentist.

  125. My Dad the Rock Star

  126. Noddy
    Carol Kane visits as Pearly White, the Tooth Fairy.

  127. Noddy

  128. Out of Jimmy's Head
    The kids want one last chance to ride the dental-themed Smile Ride before it's closed down.

  129. Out of Jimmy's Head

  130. Out of the Box
    The kids learn about teeth and going to the dentist.

  131. Out of the Box

  132. Ozzy & Drix
    The duo battle tooth decay.

  133. Ozzy & Drix

  134. PB&J Otter
    The otters try to con the tooth fairy to get money for their mother's birthday present.

  135. PB&J Otter

  136. PB&J Otter
    Butter has her first dental check-up.

  137. PB&J Otters

  138. Phil of the Future
    Curtis the caveman has a toothache and needs to go to the dentist.

  139. Phil of the Future

  140. Phineas and Ferb
    The boys take up super-heroics and Candace tries to bust them while Mom is at the dentist.

  141. Phineas and Ferb

  142. The Powerpuff Girls
    Buttercup gets greedy and uses teeth from baddies to get money from the Tooth Fairy.

  143. Powerpuff Girls

  144. Rainbow Fish
    Rainbow has a toothache but Chomper tells him a horror story about the dentist.

  145. Rainbow Fish

  146. Ren & Stimpy
    Ren learns the hard way about proper oral hygiene.

  147. Ren & Stimpy

  148. Robot Chicken
    Meet Skeletor's dentist - Mo-Larr!

  149. Robot Chicken

  150. Robot Chicken
    The Tooth Fairy pays a visit.

  151. Robot Chicken

  152. Rocko's Modern Life
    Rocko's the guinea pig for a budding dentist's finals.

  153. Rocko's Modern Life

  154. Rolie Polie Olie
    Olie loses a tooth and he and his friend plot to meet the Tooth Fairy.

  155. Rolie Polie Olie

  156. Rolie Polie Olie
    Olie gets his first loose tooth and Pappy's dentures get away.

  157. Rolie Polie Olie

  158. Rugrats
    Grandpa loses his dentures at a picnic.

  159. Rugrats

  160. Rugrats
    When Tommy gets his first tooth, the dentist advises weaning from the bottle.

  161. Rugrats

  162. Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat
    Sagwa's master, the foolish magistrate, has a toothache and his dentist is away.

  163. Sagwa

  164. Sesame Street
    On Elmo's World, Elmo's learning about teeth, you know, teeth.

  165. Elmo's World

  166. Shanna's Show
    Shanna pretends to be a dentist in this Disney Channel Show & Tell mini-show.

  167. Shanna's Show

  168. Shorties Watching Shorties
    Ed Byrne does a bit about dentistry.

  169. Shorties Watching Shorties

  170. The Simpsons
    The Simpsons visit the dentist with the usual results.

  171. The SimpsonsThe SimpsonsThe Simpsons

  172. The Simpsons
    Lisa creates a tiny world from one of her baby teeth in this Treehouse of Horrors entry.

  173. The Simpsons

  174. The Simpsons
    Homer fights for a dental plan at the plant.

  175. The Simpsons

  176. The Simpsons
    Bart fears that his childhood is slipping away when he loses his last baby tooth.

  177. The Simpsons

  178. South Park
    The boys perpetrate a Tooth Fairy scam.

  179. South Park

  180. Spongebob Squarepants
    When the boys take Mr. Krabs out on the town a little dentistry is thrown into the mix.

  181. Spongebob Squarepants

  182. Stanley
    Stanley and Dennis help Lester's little sister Samantha get over her fear of going to the dentist.

  183. Stanley

  184. Tennessee Tuxedo
    Tennessee takes Chumley to Professor Whoopee to help him get over his fear of dentists.

  185. Tennessee Tuxedo

  186. Timothy Goes to School
    The school play is about oral hygiene.

  187. Timothy Goes to School

  188. Totally Spies
    The spies have to deal with an evil vengeful dentist.

  189. Totally Spies

  190. Victorious
    Trina has her wisdom teeth out and Tori has to take care of her.

  191. Victorious

  192. The Wiggles
    Dorothy goes to the dentist when she gets a loose tooth.

The Wiggles

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