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Dentistry on TV! (Drama)


  1. Appointment for a Killing (TV-movie)
    Corbin Bernsen ("The Dentist" and "The Dentist 2") plays a philandering and deadly dentist in this TV-movie.

  2. Appointment for a Killing

  3. The Babysitter
    William Shatner plays a dentist whose family gets turned upside down by the babysitter.

  4. The Babysitter

  5. Big Brother
    Big Brother 17 featured the "rock 'n' roll dentist, John "Johnny Mac" McGuire.

  6. Desperate Housewives
    Kyle MacLachlan joined the gang on Wisteria Lane in Season 3 as Dr. Orson Hodge.

  7. Desperate Housewives

  8. Glee
    John Stamos plays Mr. Shuester's dentist Dr. Howell.

  9. Glee

  10. I Married Wyatt Earp (TV-movie)
    Jeffrey DeMunn is Doc Holliday in this update of the Wyatt Earp story.

  11. I Married Wyatt Earp

  12. In a Child's Name (TV-movie)
    Michael Ontkean stars as a sinister dentist in this fact-based TV-movie also starring Valerie Bertinelli.

  13. In a Child's Name

  14. The Legend of Wyatt Earp
    Myron Healey and Douglas Fowley each take a turn as Doc Holliday in this TV series based on the legend of Wyatt Earp.

  15. The Legend of Wyatt Earp

  16. Lost
    One of the surviving "tailies" was Rose's husband Bernard, a dentist.

  17. Lost

  18. The Practice
    Henry "The Fonz" Winkler played a dentist on trial for murdering a patient in one story-arc.

  19. The Practice

  20. Survivor
    One of the survivors in Survivor:Africa was a dentist named Carl from Florida and in Survivor: Thailand we have Jed, a dental student in Texas.
    Survivor Survivor

  21. What We Did that Night (TV-movie)
    Jayce Bartok plays a dentist who shares a secret with his former frat buddies.

What we did that Night


  1. American Horror Story
    Josh Malina plays the creepy dentist.

  2. Columbo
    A dentist (James Read) places a deadly crown in the mouth of an actor.

  3. Columbo

  4. Dexter
    Dexter visits the dentist (Anthony Tyler Quinn.)

  5. Dexter

  6. Doctor Who
    The doctor has a toothache in the Old West so he seeks out Doc Holliday.

  7. Doctor Who

  8. Eight is Enough
    The Bradfords play Tom's new dentist's team touch football.

  9. Eight is Enough /

  10. Freaks and Geeks
    Neal's dentist dad may be having an affair.

  11. Freaks and Geeks

  12. Hill Street Blues
    Mayo goes undercover to sting a dentist who groped Fay.

  13. Hill Street Blues

  14. L.A. Law
    Cifuentes gets involved with an eccentric dentist.

  15. LA Law

  16. Melrose Place
    Billy starts driving a cab and falls for one of his fares, a pretty young dental student.

  17. Melrose Place

  18. Lassie
    Jeff enlists Lassie to pull Timmy's loose tooth during an eclipse and in the ensuing excitement the tooth goes missing, causing Timmy to have a bizarre dream.

  19. Lassie

  20. Monk
    Randy, while under sedation, thinks he witnessed his dentist commit murder.

  21. Monk

  22. Nash Bridges
    Nash has his wisdom teeth removed.

  23. Nash Bridges

  24. Northern Exposure
    The dentist comes to town.

  25. Northern Exposure

  26. NYPD Blue
    Sipowicz goes to the dentist and gets involved with an attempted pedodontist suicide.

  27. NYPD Blue NYPD Blue

  28. Oz
    Robson goes to the dentist for some gum surgery.

  29. Oz

  30. The Riches
    Dahlia gets a job as a dental hygienist. Charles Robinson plays Dr. Dibadeux.

  31. The Riches

  32. The Rockford Files
    A dentist (Regis J. Cordic) falsifies dental records to help a model involved in a murder.

  33. The Rockford Files

  34. Star Trek
    A version of Doc Holliday appears when Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty and Chekov are apparently in Tombstone the day of the shootout at the OK Corral.

  35. Star Trek

  36. Supernatural
    A dentist goes sadistic after a patient confesses a creepy crime.

  37. Supernatural

  38. The Twilight Zone
    A dentist (David Birney) meets the tooth fairy and is granted three wishes.

  39. Twilight Zone

  40. VIP
    Tasha's ex-husband dentist gets involved with a Bolivian druglord.


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