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Dentistry in the Comics and Cartoons

The Man of Steel gets a super-toothache. Superman

Batman Batman saves Commissioner Gordon from Joker's drill.

It seems the Joker missed his calling. He should have gone to dental school instead of becoming an insane super-criminal. Joker

Bizarro Comics Here's an odd tidbit from Bizarro Comics.

Flossing takes a ribbing in the funnies.
Sally Forth
Mother Goose
Herman always had a perverse look at dentistry.
Herman Herman
In "For Better or for Worse", the husband is a dentist.
For Better or Worse
For Better or Worse
Beavis &
 Butthead A scary dental encounter for Beavis and Butthead.

Threat of retaliation is a common theme in dental humor.
From a Mad Magazine feature Infractions we'd like to see called in everyday life
and one from You're a winner and a loser

Major Bummer #2
Major Bummer #2
Green Arrow #95
Green Arrow #95
Tiny Titans #4
Tiny Titans #4
The Three Stooges #6
Three Stooges #6
Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp #4
Lancelot Link #4
Futurama #21
Futurama #21


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