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Dentistry on TV! (Comedy)


  1. The Ann Sothern Show
    Louis Nye plays Dr. Delbert Gray the hotel dentist where Sothern's character works.

  2. Ann Sothern Show

  3. The Bob Newhart Show
    Peter Bonerz plays Jerry Robinson, Bob's friend and office-mate.

  4. Bob Newhart Show

  5. Butterflies (British)
    Geoffrey Palmer plays a butterfly-collecting dentist.

  6. Butterflies

  7. Carpoolers
    Jerry O'Connell plays Laird the dentist, part of the carpooling quartet.

  8. Carpoolers

  9. Coach
    Tom Poston has a recurring role as Luther's hair-cutting, jewelry-dealing dentist.

  10. Coach

  11. The Dick Van Dyke Show
    Jerry Paris plays Jerry Helper, Rob Petrie's neighbor and dentist.

  12. The Dick Van Dyke Show

  13. Doc Corkle
    Short-lived sitcom about a neighborhood dentist (Eddie Mayehoff).

  14. Doc Corkle

  15. The Exes
    TV Land series featuring three divorced men sharing an apartment one of whom, Stuart (David Alan Basche), is a dentist.

  16. The Exes

  17. The Four Seasons
    Jack Weston reprised the role he played in the movie of the same name.

  18. Friends
    Mitchell Whitfield plays Barry, Rachel's orthodontist ex-fiance.

  19. Friends

  20. Happy Family
    John Larroquette plays dentist Peter Brennan in this series about a couple whose grown kids keep giving them headaches. Hamish Linklater is eldest son Todd, also a dentist working in his father's practice.

  21. Happy Family

  22. Hope & Faith
    Ted McGinley plays Charley, the Orthodontist husband of Faith.

  23. Faith & Hope

  24. Husbands, Wives & Lovers
    Ron Rifkin played Dr. Ron Willis in this seriocomic series about five San Fernando Valley couples.

  25. Husbands, Wives and Lovers

  26. I'm a Big Girl Now
    Danny Thomas plays Diana Canova's (the big girl) father, a dentist.

  27. I'm a Big Girl Now

  28. Jake in Progress
    Ian Gomez is Jake's dentist best friend.

  29. Jake in Progress

  30. Jitters (TV-movie)
    Joely Fisher is a dentist with marriage issues.

  31. Jitters

  32. Me and the Chimp
    "Me" is the dentist (not the Chimp) and he's played by Ted Bessel of "That Girl" fame.

  33. Me and the Chimp

  34. The Middle
    Jack McBrayer is Dr. Goodwin, Frankie's boss.

  35. The Middle

  36. Minor Adjustments
    Mitchell Whitfield (Friends' evil orthodonist Barry) plays Dr. Bruce Hampton, a dentist friend of main character Dr. Ron Ames (Rondell Sheridan).

  37. Minor Adjustments

  38. The Montefuscos
    Dr. Frankie Montefusco (Ron Carey) is part of a large brood of Italian-Americans living in Connecticut.

  39. The Montefuscos

  40. My Family
    Robert Lindsay plays the dentist head of a typical British family.

  41. My Family

  42. Newsradio
    When Andy Dick's character Matthew is fired from his radio news reporting job, he goes back to working as a dentist.

  43. Newsradio

  44. Oliver Beene
    In this 1960's Queens, NY set sitcom, Oliver's dad (Grant Shaud) is a frugal dentist.

  45. Oliver Beene

  46. One Day at a Time
    Barbara marries Mark Royer (Boyd Gaines) who goes from dental student to dentist on the show.

  47. Parks and Recreation
    Councilman Jeremy Jamm is also the local orthodontist.

  48. Parks and Recreation

  49. Problem Child 3: Junior's in Love
    Gilbert Gottfried plays Dr. Peabody.
    Problem Child 3

  50. Reba
    Christopher Rich plays Reba's estranged dentist husband who impregnated his hygienist.

  51. Reba

  52. Seinfeld
    Bryan Cranston plays Tim Whatley, a dentist friend of Jerry's.

  53. Seinfeld

  54. Suburgatory
    Alan Tudyk plays Noah Werner a suburban dentist in the ficitional Westchester town of Chatswin, NY.

  55. Suburgatory

  56. Toothless (TV-movie)
    Kirstie Alley plays a dentist who gets recruited to be the tooth fairy.

  57. Toothless

  58. True Colors
    Frankie Faison (then Cleavon Little) played a Baltimore dentist named Ron Freeman.

True Colors


  1. Abbott & Costello
    Lou goes to the dentist (Sidney Fields) for a toothache.

  2. The Abbot & Costello Show

  3. According to Jim
    After promising to stay by Cheryl's side during her dental surgery, Jim bails when he has the chance to meet Bo Diddley.

  4. According to Jim

  5. All of Us
    When Neesee brings home a handsome successful dentist, jealousy hits Robert.

  6. All of Us

  7. Angel
    Angel is outraged when her dentist (Parley Baer) charges her for a visit she had to cancel at the last minute.

  8. Angel

  9. The Ann Sothern Show
    Olive gets a toothache and goes to see Dr. Delbert Gray (Louis Nye).

  10. The Ann Sothern Show

  11. The Anna Nicole Smith Show
    Anna nervously visits the dentist.

  12. Anna Nicole Smith Show

  13. Anything But Love
    Marty goes on a date with Hannah's dental hygienist best friend.

  14. Anything But Love

  15. Barney Miller
    A woman accuses a dentist (Richard Herd) of molesting her.

  16. Barney Miller

  17. Bette
    Bette's schedule's a mess so she has to multi-task at the dentist.

  18. Bette

  19. The Bob Newhart Show
    Howard becomes attractive to Carol while under anesthesia for an extraction.

  20. The Bob Newhart Show

  21. The Bob Newhart Show
    Jerry, along with Bob and Howard, agrees to do Career Day for Emily's class.

  22. The Bob Newhart Show

  23. The Brady Bunch
    Marcia is self-conscious about her new braces.

  24. The Brady Bunch

  25. The Brady Bunch
    Marcia has a crush on the family dentist.

  26. The Brady Bunch

  27. The Carol Burnett Show
    Tim Conway and Harvey Korman in a dental sketch.

  28. The Carol Burnett Show

  29. Coach
    Coach has a toothache and sees Luther's cutrate dentist (Tom Poston).

  30. Coach

  31. Coach
    Tom Poston returns as Luther's eccentric dentist who sells Coach an engagement ring.

  32. Coach

  33. The Cosby Show
    Danny Kaye plays the Huxtables' zany dentist.

  34. Cosby

  35. Costello
    When Sue cracks a tooth she goes to see a Harvard dental student.

  36. Costello

  37. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Larry's dentist ruins the elastic on his shirt.

  38. Curb Your Enthusiasm

  39. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Cheryl's new dentist thinks that Larry's been beating her.

  40. Curb Your Enthusiasm

  41. The Dick Van Dyke Show
    Rob has a wild western dream while under anesthesia for an extraction.

  42. The Dick Van Dyke Show

  43. The Dick Van Dyke Show
    Rob feels guilty when he lets a dentist other than Jerry fix his tooth.

  44. The Dick Van Dyke Show

  45. Dream On
    Eddie's adoptive parents are a periodontist and his dental assistant (Richard Roundtree and Madge Sinclair); his biological parents are an endodontist and his dental assistant (Art Evans and Marla Gibbs).

  46. Dream On

  47. Drew Carey
    Louis has a close encounter with a scary dentist (Charles Fleischer) which leaves him a walking Halloween costume.

  48. Drew Carey

  49. Eerie, Indiana
    Vincent Schiavelli played the bizarre dentist of Eerie, Indiana.

  50. Eerie, Indiana

  51. Ellen
    Ellen chips a tooth and goes to Paige's cute dentist.

  52. Ellen

  53. The Exes
    Phil has a toothache and when he finally allows Stuart to take care of it, winds up having a fling with Stuart's assistant.

  54. The Exes

  55. The Facts of Life
    Molly is troubled when her parents split, and her dentist dad gets a girlfriend.

  56. Family Matters
    Urkel wreaks his usual brand of chaos at the dentist.

  57. Family Matters

  58. First Time Out
    Jackie's got a bad tooth so she goes to a dentist in Tijuana to save money.

  59. First Time Out

  60. Frasier
    Frasier tries to win back Lana (Jean Smart), just when her dentist ex-husband wants a shot at redemption.

  61. Frasier

  62. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    Star Trek fan Carlton causes William Shatner to break a tooth; when he and Will follow him to the dentist, chaos ensues.

  63. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  64. Friends
    Phoebe has a toothache but is afraid to go to the dentist because someone will die.

  65. Friends
    Rachel dates a periodontist named Russ who's very familiar.

  66. Friends

  67. Friends
    Rachel has an affair with her ex-fiance, Barry the Orthodontist.

  68. Friends

  69. Friends
    Ross over-bleaches his teeth just before a big date.

  70. Full House
    Stephanie has her first cavity.

  71. Full House

  72. George Lopez
    Michael Clarke Duncan plays Dr. Holland.

  73. George Lopez

  74. Get Smart
    Max does some unlicensed dental work while on a mission.

  75. Get Smart

  76. The Golden Girls
    Rose fears that her dentist fondled her while under nitrous oxide.

  77. The Golden Girls

  78. Happy Days
    The Fonz is afraid to go to the dentist.

  79. Happy Days

  80. Happy Family
    On his wife's urging Peter sets his daughter up with one of his patients.

  81. Happy Family

  82. The Honeymooners
    Ralph does a candy commercial with a toothache.

  83. The Honeymooners

  84. Hope and Faith
    When Hope cracks a tooth she's reluctant to let Charlie fix it.

  85. Hope and Faith

  86. Jake in Progress
    When Adrian's father-in-law breaks a tooth, he's hesitant to let Adrian fix it.

  87. Jake in Progress

  88. The Jamie Kennedy Experiment
    Jamie plays a dentist having a bad day to an unsuspecting patient.

  89. Jamie Kennedy Experiment

  90. The King of Queens
    Doug's new dentist (Tim Matheson) once had a crush on Carrie, and now he's taking it out on Doug's teeth.

  91. The King of Queens

  92. The King of Queens
    Arthur gets braces.

  93. The King of Queens

  94. The Late Show
    Jeff Dunham and Peanut do a dental routine for David Letterman.

  95. The Late Show

  96. Leave it to Beaver
    The Beav's nervous about visiting the dentist (Wendell Holmes).

  97. Leave it to Beaver

  98. Louie
    Louie goes to a new dentist and fears something untoward happened under anesthesia.

  99. Louie

  100. MADtv
    Lorraine goes to the dentist.

  101. MADtv

  102. Malcolm in the Middle
    Hal feels betrayed when his friend gives him a large dental bill.

  103. Malcolm in the Middle

  104. Married with Children
    Joe Flaherty plays Al Bundy's unfortunate dentist with a sexy assistant (Tracy Lords).

  105. Married with Children

  106. Martin
    Pam gets hypnotized at the dentist's.

  107. Martin

  108. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    Shelley Berman guests as a divorced dentist who's keen on Mary.

  109. Mary Tyler Moore Show

  110. M*A*S*H
    Hawkeye's quest for a new pair of boots involves the camp dentist, a date for Radar and a birthday party for Frank.

  111. M*A*S*H

  112. M*A*S*H
    A dentist becomes paranoid that something will go wrong when he receives his discharge orders.

  113. M*A*S*H

  114. M*A*S*H
    Charles has a toothache and his forced dental visit results in a bitten hand.

  115. M*A*S*H

  116. The Middle
    Frankie starts dental assisting school and clashes with her teacher.

  117. The Middle

  118. The Mindy Project
    Bill Hader is the oral surgeon who got away.

  119. The Mindy Project

  120. Monty Python's Flying Circus!
    Meet Arthur Lemming, Special Investigator for the British Dental Association.

  121. Monty Python's Flying Circus!

  122. Mr. Bean
    Mr. Bean is late for a dental appointment!

  123. Mr. Bean

  124. My Family
    Ben is upset to find that his wife and daughter, feeling neglected, have started seeing another dentist.

  125. My Family

  126. My Favorite Martian
    Leonard Weinrib plays the dentist in this episode about how Uncle Martin's eyesight is affected by a toothache.

  127. My Favorite Martian

  128. My Wife & Kids
    Claire gets an abscess just in time for yearbook photos.

  129. My Wife & Kids

  130. The Nanny
    Mr. Sheffield has a toothache which forces C.C. to take over on a trip to the zoo with the kids.

  131. The Nanny

  132. The New Adventures of Old Christine
    Christine breaks a tooth, adding to her financial woes.

  133. The New Adventures of Old Christine

  134. Newlywed: Nick & Jessica
    Jessica goes to the dentist and has her first root canal.

  135. Nick & Jessica

  136. The Odd Couple
    Oscar's dentist invents barnacle glue and Oscar convinces Felix to invest.

  137. The Odd Couple

  138. One Day at a Time
    Barbara's husband, Dr. Mark Royer, graduates from dental school and hangs up his shingle. Schneider reluctantly agrees to be his first patient.

  139. One Day at a Time

  140. The Osbournes
    The prince of darkness visits the dentist.

  141. The Osbournes

  142. The Partridge Family
    Laurie's braces act as a radio receiver.

  143. The Partridge Family

  144. Perfect Strangers
    A trip to the dentist results in laughing gas hijinks.
    Perfect Strangers

  145. Raising Dad
    Grandpa's scared to go to the dentist (Fred Stoller).

  146. Raising Dad

  147. Raising Hope
    Burt uses his new barter scheme to get a much needed dental cleaning.

  148. Raising Hope

  149. Reba
    Reba takes a job with Brock's rival (Dan Castellaneta).

  150. Reba

  151. Roseanne
    Roseanne loses a tooth and has no insurance to pay for a replacement.

  152. Roseanne

  153. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
    Sabrina's cousin turns her into a doll and tosses her into a box with, among others, her dentist (Paul Sand).

  154. Sabrina

  155. Sanford and Son
    Fred's got a toothache and is reluctant to go to the dentist.

  156. Sanford and Son Sanford and Son

  157. Saturday Night Live
    Chris Elliott, John Turturro and Tim Meadows play competing Bronxville dentists in this series of political styled ads.


  159. Seinfeld
    Jerry's dentist friend gets in trouble for writing a phony note.

  160. Seinfeld

  161. Seinfeld
    Jerry chips a tooth and must find a dentist at a pre-Thanksgiving party.

  162. Seinfeld
    Jerry's dentist converts to Judaism so he can tell Jewish jokes.

  163. Seinfeld

  164. Seinfeld
    Kramer wreaks havoc while numb from a visit to the dentist.

  165. Seinfeld

  166. Spin City
    The mayor chips a tooth before an important photo shoot.

  167. Spin City

  168. Still Standing
    Judy is overworked when her boss Dr. Gerber (Richard Kind) feels the effect of his affair with his other assistant.

  169. Still Standing

  170. Strangers with Candy
    Jerri gets braces and has to spy on a classmate. Richard Kind plays Jerri's dentist Dr. Harry Link.

  171. Strangers with Candy

  172. Suburgatory
    Noah tries to get revenge on his therapist for stealing his girl.

  173. Suburgatory

  174. Suddenly Susan
    Susan hides her relationship with Jack by claiming that she's dating her dentist (Stephen Tobolowsky).

  175. That's So Raven
    Raven accompanies her very reluctant brother to his dental appointment.

  176. That's So Raven

  177. 3rd Rock from the Sun
    Harry accompanies Nina to her dental appointments.

  178. 3rd Rock from the Sun

  179. 30 Rock
    Liz meets a man while under the influence of anesthesia.

  180. 30 Rock

  181. Three's Company
    Jeffrey Tambor plays Teri's boyfriend and Jack's new dentist.

  182. Three's Company

  183. Tracey Takes on...
    Fern Rosenthal's dentist (Sam McMurray) has more on his mind than oral hygiene.

  184. Tracey Takes on...

  185. True Colors
    Dr. Ron Freeman (Frankie Faison) is forced to treat his narrow-minded mother-in-law (Nancy Walker) when she has a toothache and she finds her old dentist has died.

  186. True Colors

  187. 2 Broke Girls
    Caroline needs a nightguard so she ventures into a dental office in a subway station.

  188. 2 Broke Girls

  189. Ugly Betty
    Kathy Najimy plays Betty's orthodontist and also appears in a dream sequence showing Betty what her life would be like with perfect teeth.

  190. Ugly Betty

  191. The Wayans Brothers
    Dee has problems with her shy dentist boyfriend(Richard F. White).

  192. The Wayans Brothers

  193. The Wonder Years
    Kevin has a crush on his dental hygienist.

The Wonder Years

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